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By Barbara Lambert President and Founder, In Senior Living Residential Options

Residential Care Homes or Home Care are a unique type of care. They can be difficult to locate as many do not advertise. These homes are more “care focused”. Residential Care homes are generally for residents needing more consistent hands on care. They can be stroke, cancer, Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s just to name a few geriatric issues that can eventually require this higher level of care. The majority of these homes have a caregiver to resident ratio of 1-3 or better.

These are homes, much like yours or mine, that have been modified to take in seniors and most can let them age in place, finishing out their journey in an environment where the care is more intimate. This level of care in a residential setting varies in level of care and licensure from State to State. An Eldercare Advisor can help you determine if this is an appropriate care type for your loved one.

Anyone can give you a list of facilities - We help you find the best option. We connect you to only the communities or homes that fit your family’s needs and desire. Our services are always free to seniors and their families. Call us toll free, anytime to speak with one of our eldercare advisors (844) 300-7026

Remember, the true benefit of Home2Home4Seniors is the expertise and knowledge of our Eldercare Advisors. Our goal is to always understand your personal situation, and connect you to only communities or homes that fit your family’s needs and desire. We lead you to the best choice, and will always be your support in this decision. Many companies provide “data” – we set ourselves apart because of the level of assistance we offer prior to touring any properties.


BARBARA LAMBERT , President & Founder, Home to Home 4 Seniors

Barbara Lambert, President and Founder of Home 2 Home 4 Seniors, worked for a retirement community shortly after moving to Texas more than 10 years ago. Not really knowing much about the industry, it felt like a calling as most of her life, she has had an affinity for seniors...

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