Eldercare Advisor - Theresa



Theresa graduated in 1995 with a licensed vocational nursing degree (LVN) from Baptist Health System (BMHS). For the next 18+ years (from 4/1995 to 12/2013), she worked full time as an LVN at three of Baptist’s main hospitals throughout San Antonio. In November 2013 her grandmother became terminally ill. Her grandmother was the inspiration a and reason behind Theresa originally becoming a nurse...


In December 2013, Theresa decided she needed to spend as much time as she could caring for her grandmother since she did not know how much time her grand-mother had left. Theresa left BMHS in late December 2013 and cared of her grandmother until she passed away in June 2014. At that time Theresa decided she was ready for a career change. She went to work for Senior Home to Home in November 2014 because she realized that she still had a strong desire to help the elderly. Her new found passion was perfect for her involvement with Home 2 Home 4 Seniors because people really need assistance when a loved one requires care. Most people have nowhere to turn when they find themselves in this situation. Theresa finds it empowering to be able to assist individuals through the “eye of the storm” and provide them with options for themselves, or their loved ones. Solving a problem by pairing someone with the perfect community, or other healthcare solution, gives Theresa the personal satisfaction she needs on a daily basis.


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Home to Home for Seniors Eldercare Advisor

When I'm able to share my experience and knowledge to help families navigate through the senior living transition, it gives me great satisfaction... helping seniors and families find the right care and community environment that works for them.

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