Our Process

Our process is centered around serving you and your loved ones’ needs. Our goal is to find the best possible living arrangement for your friend or family member.

Learn more about our process and how we work to find the perfect care solution.

Care Selection

When will do whatever we can to help make your transition as smooth as possible, including guidance on next steps and how best to care for your loved one in their new life stage.


Once you feel comfortable with moving forward, we will help schedule community visits and discuss how each of your visits went. Based on your feedback, we may present additional options to consider. Our goal is to support you through this journey and be available as a helpful resource along the

Care Options Presented

Based on our meeting and research, we will present you with personalized care options tailored to your loved ones’ unique needs and preferences. We will then talk through what you think, weigh pros and cons of each option, and answer any questions or concerns you may have.

One-on-One Meeting

Over the phone we will discuss where you are in the process and your loved ones’ current lifestyle, including day-to-day independence, health, and well-being. We will then discuss what you and your family member are looking for in a senior living community or home care solution, including needs, budget, and

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