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Our all-star team of advisors are passionate about investing their time, talent, and expertise to find your loved one the perfect care solution.

Get to know who they are, their background, and why they love what they do.

  • Barbara Lambert President and Advisor

    In addition to her role as President of Home to Home for Seniors, Barbara works as an advisor. Her personal philosophy is “no detail is ever too small” when it comes to finding the best possible solution for her clients.


  • Lynn Advisor

    Lynn is passionate about sharing her experience and knowledge base to help military veterans and their families navigate through the complex senior living landscape.


  • Mariam Advisor

    A registered nurse with 20+ years of experience, Miriam prides in her natural desire to help people.


  • Joan Advisor

    Working 35+ years as a nurse and administrator, Joan brings a wealth of senior care knowledge to families and their loved ones.


  • Ruth Advisor

    Ruth’s experience opening and managing an Assisted Living facility and Residential Care Home gives her invaluable insight into how senior living communities work.


  • Claire Senior Living Advisor

    Claire is the newest member of the Home 2 Home 4 Seniors team of advisors and brings more than 20 years experience in personalized customer service. Call us when your loved one needs help in transitioning to senior living. We are happy to help.

  • Andrea Fahlgren Senior Care Advisor

    Andrea became a passionate advocate in healthcare when her daughter was diagnosed with Autism at three-years-old. Wading through uncharted territory, she eventually found the right experts, and the right environments, to maximize her daughter’s happiness and progress.


  • Toni O’Brien Senior Care Advisor

    Toni moved to Texas in 2008 with her aging father, and shortly after arriving here, he was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease. It was a difficult nine years watching someone you have known all your life become a shell of himself . One of the hardest things she had to do with both mom and dad was to have the “talk” about their need to be in an environment that was safer for them than living on their own.


  • Janet Dumas LMSW

    Janet has a passion for assisting seniors. Her love for helping older adults began with her first hospital social work position. Janet loved hearing their life anecdotes and felt compassion for her vulnerable patients. With over twenty years of experience as a medical social worker, Janet is an expert in all areas of the healthcare industry that serve seniors.


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