Social Isolation – The New Silent Killer

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There is more and more evidence coming to light of the positive outcomes of “community living” for older adults. When seniors choose to live in a Retirement Community the benefits abound!

Immediately upon move in to a community there is a ready support group of peers many whom have recently traveled this road of emotional and difficult decision making. A decision to downsize, simply their life and move from what they once hoped to be their “forever home” to embark on a new beginning, a new dimension as they approaching the golden years. This new living option continues to promote the values of choice, control and dignity with a sense of togetherness embracing the many cultures of this group of elders.

New friends are made, new adventures begin. Social interaction with other seniors encourages and stimulates residents to try things they may not otherwise try. To be involved in water aerobics, overnight trips, intellectual lectures and studies. There is a director on site offering activities galore to challenge the mind and/or create physical movement and exercise.  Life in a retirement community often leads to a much better quality of life in the latter years. The staff strive to improve a healthier quality of life by promoting the development of safe, accessible and vibrant environments. A reduction of premature death has been purported when eliminating social isolation.

When anyone begins to isolate, especially a senior citizen, the impact is daunting. When a senior isolates depression in many instances begins to rear its ugly head. Depression can be a cause of dementia. Dementia if gone untreated, can be a devastating and debilitating journey that does not need to happen if induced by depression. Dementia induced by depression is one of the few reversible dementias if treatment is accepted and given. Eliminating social isolation is a start.

AARP Public Policy Institute study confirms that Medicare is spending $6.7 billion annually as a result of this public health issue.
There are so many options out there? How can you find the community that is right for you or your loved one?

Seek out the advice from an expert. Avoid the costly mistakes of choosing the wrong community.

Home 2 Home 4 Seniors is a free consultation and resource to assist families in finding appropriate solutions for care options for an aging parent. Home 2 Home 4 Seniors will provide a family the opportunity to speak with an advisor privately and confidentially. An Advisor that is empathetic yet knowledgeable of what can be done to help “keep the parents safe and well cared for” and will be affordable. Our service is free of charge

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