Andrea FahlgrenSenior Care Advisor

    Andrea Fahlgren

    Andrea became a passionate advocate in healthcare when her daughter was diagnosed with Autism at three-years-old. Wading through uncharted territory, she eventually found the right experts, and the right environments, to maximize her daughter’s happiness and progress. Not all “experts” were helpful! But partnering with the right people eliminated stress and fear, and brought a higher quality of life for her whole family. (Thirteen years later, her daughter is doing better than she could’ve imagined!)

    With a Bachelor of Science in journalism, Andrea started her career excelling at asking all the right questions, deciphering great amounts of data and experience, painting the picture of exactly what’s happening, and boiling down the bottom line with clear communication. But her heart was in helping people in a hands-on way.

    Andrea started Social Work classes at Our Lady of the Lake University, and spent 10+ years helping families navigate hospice, home health, and primary care at home. Her passion is saving families unnecessary stress by walking them expertly through life’s challenges. She knows firsthand what a difference it can make to have the right people partnering with your family.


    • Specializes in helping families in trying times
    • Bachelor of Science Degree – Journalism/English
    • Master of Clinical Social Work courses
    • 10+ Years in Healthcare



    To find the best Senior Living options for you takes knowledgeable guidance and compassionate support. I will earn your trust by treating you like my own family and proving to be a priceless resource. There is no need to add extra stress to your life by figuring things out on your own.