When Parents Want to Stay Home

 In Senior Living
Greg’s mother’s health was declining. I found her great care. I made a tough road less difficult to travel down.
Christmas Eve I received a call from Greg. His mother Evelyn, age 84, had taken another fall. Her companion of many years, Rudy called 911.
This fall was so severe, she needed a cat scan. Sadly, the cat scan revealed that his mother’s cancer had spread. Further testing showed a poor prognosis.
I had been following this family for 14 months. Evelyn was having numerous falls. Rudy, age 92, could not pick her up. The Fire Department had been to the home numerous times, alerting Greg each time they came.
Greg and his sister were trying to be respectful and honor mom and Rudy’s wishes to remain home. Greg told me at one point, he dreaded hearing the ring of his phone, afraid it may be another call about a fall or worse.
On Christmas Eve, the last fall, everything changed.
I arranged for Greg to visit a licensed Residential Care home able to give Evelyn the level of care needed through end of life.
Christmas morning, Greg, his sister and Rudy visited the care home. It was situated close to Rudy where he would be able to visit every day. Evelyn was discharged to the Care home with hospice services.
Rudy was able to visit every day. He was at her side the day she passed.
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