Exploitation of a Senior, Often By a Family Member

 In Assisted Living, Caregiving, Senior Living
Maria’s uncle was a victim of exploitation by an unscrupulous cousin.
The cousin and husband had removed many items that held value, from her uncle’s home and withdrew money often with his ATM card.
Her uncle suffered from Dementia, cardiac and kidney disease.
Her cousin drafted a Power of Attorney and had her uncle sign it. The Power of Attorney was deemed invalid.
Social Services became involved and suggested Maria contact Home2Home4Seniors for help in finding a safe place for her uncle.
Within days Maria was able to move her uncle to a secured assisted living.
The following Sunday afternoon, Maria’s cousin showed up with the invalid Power of Attorney demanding to take her uncle back to his home.
I suggested Maria request to see the court order to remove her uncle. There was no court order.
Weeks later the court awarded Maria guardianship over her uncle. He remained in the assisted living, well cared for, safe from anyone wanting to take advantage of him.
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