“It feels like a never-ending cycle of issues”.

 In Caregiving

Eileen was afraid of losing her job.

Once again, she was missing work. Her aunt was admitted to the hospital again. Her Aunt had cardiac issues and the uncle had Dementia. Her uncle’s Dementia seemed to get worse with each episode that took his wife to the hospital.

The neighbors would bring over meals and offer to help. Unfortunately, that kindness upset her Uncle even more. He was afraid his wife would no longer be able to care for him.

I spoke to Eileen about the possibility of having her Aunt and Uncle downsize to a small Assisted Living where they could remain together. This way, if her Aunt was hospitalized again, her Uncle’s routine would remain the same. It would be less upsetting to him

Eileen called to tell me how relieved her Aunt was to not have the burden of worry once they moved.

The hospital trips became few and far between having daily oversight of her care by the Assisted Living.

It was a great solution for this family.

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