Seniors with Dementia – A Thief in the Night

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Seniors with Dementia. It came like a thief in the night.

Mary and Don have been married 40 years. Mary and Don looked forward to Don’s retirement and all they planned to do. He was a former CEO for a large corporation.

A few years into his retirement, Don was given a diagnosis of dementia.
Moreover, it felt like a thief in the night stole away their dream!

Don provided well for his family but now Mary needed to provide for Don. As the Dementia worsened Mary had to keep careful watch of Don so he would not do something unsafe.

They enjoyed routine morning three-mile walks in the Hill Country with their dog, Sammie.
Then one day, Don fell and went to the Hospital. Don was unable to return home. His dementia seemed to worsen from his hospital and rehab stay. Mary said it felt as if Don changed overnight.

He was no longer walking and no longer able to do the simplest of tasks most of us do not give a second thought to.

The mere thought of Don in a nursing home was devasting to her.

Mary searched for solutions available for Seniors with Dementia.

Mary’s doctor suggested she call Home2Home4Seniors, experts in helping find care. I spoke with Mary at length learning more about her day to day caregiving of Don.

Subsequently, I knew of a lovely “micro-assisted living” located in a rural setting in the Hill Country. The assisted living was close to where they lived, so Mary could easily visit Don daily and bring Sammie, his beloved dog. Most importantly, Mary witnessed the loving care and friendships Don was making in his new home.

Lastly, Mary said she felt great peace with her decision for Don.

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