“The Truth is, I Just Don’t Want to Do This”

 In Assisted Living, Senior Living
“The truth is, I just don’t want to do this,” said Samuel.
I sank in my chair…..took a deep breath and said, “I know”.
These were the heartfelt words of Samuel who flew in from the West Coast. The doctor called Samuel last week to say his father needs more care than he is getting.
His doctor suggested that he call Home2Home4Seniors to consult with us on what to do.
Samuel’s mother had passed away in the home 2 years ago, and all dad wanted was to be there “where they last were together”.
We discussed how to support dad in his home, the hours, the cost, and what Assisted Living would look like.
Samuel and his father met with his doctor to go over the information I gave them. The doctor weighed in on what he felt was best. Samuel’s father readily accepted the advice as “doctor’s orders” and moved to the Assisted Living.
It was a turning point in the lives of this father and son. Now, when Samuel flies back to visit, he can stay in his father’s home, and can bring dad back, to stay with him while Samuel is here.
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